Housekeeping and Caregiving Jobs

We are recruiting for the following jobs in Dubai:

  • Housekeepers (including maids, cooks, housekeepers and cleaners)
  • Caregivers (including nannies, childcare, disability and elderly support)

If you are selected for one of these jobs, we will guarantee you:

Free benefits

You will have free accommodation, food, health insurance, toiletries and internet connection in Dubai.

Fair pay

On top of having your living costs covered, you will earn between AED 800 (USD 220) and AED 3,500 (USD 950) per month depending on your skills and experience.

No hidden fees

You will not pay for your recruitment, visa, work permit or flight to Dubai.

Pre-travel support

We will explain your rights and responsibilities before you travel.


You will receive 30 days of training when you arrive in Dubai.

In-country support

We will continue to support you once you have begun working.

Information Pack


I-download yun Information Pack